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“I can honestly say it has been a pleasure working with a professional organization that supports a superior product.”
– Wayne Bausman

"The ACU meter is right on the cutting edge when it comes to flexibility, real time response, and customer support."
- Energy Design Inc.

"This company is always evaluating the latest web based tools & technologies to make it easier for us to maximize our efficiency."
- Sean Feeney,
Business Owner

Easy and Affordable Energy Management Solutions

Advanced Energy Management Made Easy

BTi Energy Management offers the latest technology in multi-circuit electric meters and automated reporting systems for integrators, commercial, industrial, institutional and government building monitoring.

"Energy Management just got a whole lot easier"

Remote Meter Reading Using Familar Tools

  • Reports Emailed to Your Inbox
  • Web Pages for Current Readings
  • Spreadsheets with Detailed History

Cost Saving Multi-Circuit Meters

  • Low Per Circuit Cost
  • Less Wires to Install
  • Up to 27 Circuits per Meter

Fully Internet Enabled

  • Remote/Automated Meter Reading
  • Remote Settings and Upgrades
  • Remote Support and Diagnostics

Flexible Communications

  • Wireless & Powerline Carrier
  • Standard Interfaces to Third Party Tools
  • Modbus, DNP, FTP, Email, Ethernet, RS-232/485

Every design decision at BTi Energy Management is based on what will provide the easiest, most affordable solution for our customers. Leveraging the power of Ethernet and Internet communications every peice of the the BTi Energy Management system is remotely readable, remotely configurable, and remotely supportable right down to the electricity meter itself. That means unbeatable remote customer support and ease of use for both you and your clients.

With over 50 years experience in the energy management and controls automation industry the team at BTi Energy Management offers the latest technology in multi-circuit electric metering and reporting for energy management submetering.


Show Me the Money
Examples of real submetering cost savings studies
Energy management programs based on solid submetering data are saving millions of dollars across North America in a variety of different situations. The results are unique in every case, but the process is the same...

Click here to download the full report and learn how facilites managers are saving their clients real money with smart energy management strategies.


Energy Management

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