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ACU Multi-Circuit Meter Video
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Product Highlights

  • Energy Metering kWH, kVARH, kVAH
  • Advanced Metering V, I, Freq, THD, kW, kVAR, kVA
  • Monitor up to 27 circuits
  • Built in Ethernet, RS-232 & RS485 ports
  • Built in Web Pages for data viewing
  • Export historical data as CSV files
  • Fast installation with 1/2 as many wires as individual meters
  • 1, 5, or 15-minute interval data
  • Mix single and 3-phase monitoring
  • Modbus, DNP
  • 50A to 2000A CTs


ACU Multi-Circuit Meter Brochure

ACU Feature Comparison Brochure

ACU Startup Guide

ACU Multi-Circuit Meter

Advanced Energy Management

The ACU Multi-Circuit Meter is an advanced energy management meter for measuring and reporting electrical energy usage. In addition to basic metering functions (kW, kVAR, V, I, pf, frequency, THD) the ACU Multi-Circuit Meter has a built in web server, spreadsheets reports, load profile interval data to 1-min and a host of associated services for email, file transfer and dynamic IP address management.

Dare to Compare

BTi Energy Management dares you to compare the price and features of the ACU Multi-Circuit Energy Management Solution to any other submetering solution out there.

When comparing cost and installation time multi-circuit submeters have a distinct advantage. They pack more into a single package and have less than half the number of wires to install since they share common voltage inputs, power supplies and communication cables.

A multi-circuit submeter with a built in web-server can literally be a complete electric submetering system in a box.

Do Your Own Comparison
See How the ACU Stacks Up

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Metering Basics
Peak Demand
Energy Management
Load Profile Interval Data
Reporting & Viewing
PC Software Tools
Web Browser
File Transfer (HTTP, FTP)
Spreadsheet Format
Your Meter
Communication Options    
Serial Port
DNP 3.0
Static IP
Dynamic IP
Advanced Functions
Automated Alerts
 Coming Soon
Equipment Cost
Meter cost per circuit
(including all features)
from $110
Field upgradable without shorting blocks
Remote settings changes
* provided in conjunction with BTi Energy Manager Internet services.

ACU Automated Meter Reading Options

The ACU makes it easier than ever to gather data on energy usage and put it to good use.

Method 1: Send Energy Usage Reports To Your Email

Get your energy readings in your email inbox every day with summary graphs in the message and a detailed spreadsheet file attached.
Using more than one ACU Multi-Circuit Meter? No problem, the ACU Energy Manager puts readings from all your ACU Multi-Circuit Meters together in one file, or your can keep them separate. Its all up to you.

Method 2: Add Reports To A Folder On Your PC Automatically

With our special FileGrabber application your energy usage data shows up automatically in a folder on your PC. All you do is open the file you want to see. Previous files can be maintained each with its own time and date stamp. A a great solution for auto-archiving in case you need it. No FTP server required.

Method 3: View Energy Usage On A Web Page

Each ACU has its own built in web page with all the information you need. Browse around your energy usage data online, or download spreadsheet reports to work with on your computer or email to a colleague. Need a little help getting something working? Share your web link with our technical support team and we can often diagnose the problem from a thousand miles away by looking right inside your ACU Multi-Circuit Meter.

Method 4: Integrate with Building Automation Control Systems
Using Modbus Protocol (Serial & Ethernet)
Already have a building control system, or your own visualization tools? The ACU integrates smoothly using the industry standard Modbus protocol. Where others charge extra for Ethernet cards the ACU has both Ethernet and serial ports (RS-232/RS-485) built in to every unit.

Method 5: DNP3.0 Protocol (Serial & Ethernet)

What's DNP3.0? While Modbus is the standard in commercial/industrial applications, most electric utilities rely on something even more powerful to monitor electric substations and time-stamp data right down to the millisecond. The ACU is designed for even these most mission critical environments. In fact, that's where the ACU started out so the whole design is built to strict utility grade standards.

Method 6: Use Advanced Desktop Visualization Software

When the basic data is not enough and you can't afford six figures for a building control system BTI Energy Management is here to help. We are constantly building partnerships and proving our solutions with the best visualization tools available. Ask us about the data visualization and reporting tool that's right for you.

Energy Management

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