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“I can honestly say it has been a pleasure working with a professional organization that supports a superior product.”
– Wayne Bausman

"The ACU meter is right on the cutting edge when it comes to flexibility, real time response, and customer support."
- Energy Design Inc.

"This company is always evaluating the latest web based tools & technologies to make it easier for us to maximize our efficiency."
- Sean Feeney,
Business Owner

Show Me The Money!

Discover how ordinary people and businesses are turning power meters into real dollars in the bank

Ontario Community Hospitals
  • Utility costs were 47.34% of total operations costs (nearly $100 million/yr)
  • Hospitals performing daily monitoring and tracking achieved 14.6% reduction in utility costs
  • over $350,000 in direct savings per year for each hospital
Boeing, 2000 - 2002
  • 25 manufacturing buildings with no idea of power usage for various activities
  • Installed submeters and shared the data to improve awareness about energy use
  • Employees started turning off equipment, adjusted settings, and improved maintenance (Eg. compressed air leaks)
  • Reduced total energy consumption by more than 22%
Industrial Foundry - Santee Cooper Power, 2002
  • Submeters with interval data reporting were installed to provide continuous energy usage data
  • The meters identified the source of high usage demand spikes
  • Shifting certain operations to off-peak hours reduced the monthly electricity bill by $2,000
  • The submetering system paid for itself in less than 5 months
Carlyle Towers and Scott Towers – New York City
  • Con Edison Residential Submetering Program
  • Tenant submetering system installed in multi-tenant towers
  • Tenant behaviors changed to use less energy
  • Each bulding saved over 18% in building electric costs
  • 73% of residents in Carlyle Towers now PAY LESS for electricity than they would have without submetering

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