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Product Highlights

  • Automate meter reading over the Internet
  • Create reports with data from multiple meters
  • Automatically send email reports
  • Include spreadsheet attachments with details
  • Point and click drill down for detail
  • Send adhoc reports on demand



Video Overview

BTi Energy Manager 2.0

The BTi Energy Manager website takes the energy usage reporting features of the ACU Multi-Circuit Meter to the next level.

We all love the ACU price-point for multiple circuits, and the ease of using the built in web pages to download spreadsheet reports is hard to beat.

The BTi Energy Manager website was created to help you as an ACU owner get even easier access to your data.

BTi Energy Manager Reporting Options

The BTi Energy Manager reporting options make the ACU even more attractive for your energy management needs. Here are a some different ways you can choose to have data delivered to you.

Method 1: Send Consolidated Energy Usage Reports To Your Email

Get your energy readings in your email inbox every day with summary graphs in the message and a detailed spreadsheet file attached.
Using more than one ACU Multi-Circuit Meter? No problem, the ACU Energy Manager puts readings from all your ACU Multi-Circuit Meters together in one file, or your can keep them separate. Its all up to you.

Method 2: Add Reports To A Folder On Your PC Automatically

With our special FileGrabber application your energy usage data shows up automatically in a folder on your PC. All you do is open the file you want to see. Previous files can be maintained each with its own time and date stamp. A great solution for auto-archiving in case you need it. No FTP server required.

Method 3: Browse Energy Usage On A Web Page

Your personalized BTi Energy Manager Website has all the information you need. Browse around your energy usage data online, or download spreadsheet reports to work with on your computer or email to a colleague. Need a little help getting something working? Share your web link with our technical support team and we can often diagnose the problem from a thousand miles away by looking right inside your ACU Multi-Circuit Meters.


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